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Wade's Cobra Build!

*Note* The Factory Five 427 kit is not an original 1965 427 Cobra.   Cobra is a trademark of Ford and Factory Five Racing is not connected to the mark.

The following links are laid out chronologically to allow you to see how the build progressed over time. 

Donor on palet.jpg (110329 bytes) Unload Cobra4.jpg (69542 bytes)  BareFrame.JPG (78881 bytes)

Build Initiation, February 2000

Build Progress, March 2000

Build Progress, April 2000
Tunnelin.JPG (56549 bytes) roller4.JPG (82504 bytes) GoKart.jpg (50457 bytes)

Build Progress, May 2000

Build Progress, June 2000

Build Progress, July 2000

Bodyseamsdone_small.jpg (2032 bytes) bodyon3_small.jpg (2645 bytes)  

Build Progress, August 2000

Build Progress, September 2000

Build Progress, October  2000

Windwings6.jpg (72675 bytes)

Build Progress, November  2000

Build Progress / Upgrades 2001

Build Progress / Upgrades 2002


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