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Quarter Panel Replacement

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Right Quarter Panel Replacement
At some point in its past, the Nomad has been hit on the right quarter panel.  The panel was replaced, but not in elegant fashion.  Added to that, the quarter has seen significant rust and body putty repairs.  Reproduction quarter panels are not available for '57 Nomads, and I have been unable to locate a good used one that is for sale.  I was left with the options of either trying to repair the old one, or adapting a reproduction quarter panel designed for a 2-door hardtop.  I left the decision to Steve, and Steve opted for the new panel.

Progress pictures and descriptions are posted in reverse order, with the most recent information at the top.

Ready for paint.
Filler, spray filler, block sanding...
Quarter panel welded in place.
Insides of panels painted.
Primer, gravel guard, and seam sealer in place.
Crown molding holes and flanges on repro panel are not set up for BelAir.  Steve had to fabricate mounting flanges and punch holes for the BelAir-type molding.
Fender well sections added & everything sandblased.
Here it is with the beltline patch panel welded in place.
These pictures show the quarter panel clamped in place with the beltline patch panel.
Here is the beltline patch panel that Steve made from scratch.
These pictures show the quarter panel after the hardtop 'dip' beltline area was removed.
These pictures indicate the amount of fabrication that will be necessary to fit a 2-door hardtop quarter panel onto a Nomad.
These pictures show how it looks with the old quarter panel removed.
Here are four pictures showing how bad the old quarter panel was out of shape.

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