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November, 2000

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November 4-5, 2000 - Now that the Cobra is on the road, the time I have available for the car must be split between finishing up the construction details and DRIVING!!!  On this weekend, I finished up the installation of the hood, hooked-up the speedometer, and adjusted the rear ride height to improve clearance.  I began the process of installing the windwings, but I did not get them mounted to the car yet.

In the category of 'how much is enough?' I ordered a few more parts needed to 'finish' the project.  These parts include a Raydot mirror & bracket for the windshield post.  According to what I have read on the Cobraforum, the standard FFR mirror mounted on the fender in the stock location is nearly useless.  The Raydot mounted on the windshield post is supposed to actually be functional.  I also ordered a Pro 5.0 shifter, as I have found that the stock shifter does not allow for 'crisp' or precise shifting.

ALeftFront.jpg (93152 bytes)  ALeftFront2.jpg (92370 bytes)  aleft.jpg (93414 bytes)  ALeftRear.jpg (89015 bytes)  ARightFront.jpg (84943 bytes) 


November 8, 2000 - Today I installed the windwings and the outside mirror on the windshield posts.  The windwings came as an option with the kit from Factory Five, while the Raydot mirror and mounting bracket came from Finishline.

Windwings1.jpg (74109 bytes)  Windwings2.jpg (77853 bytes)  Windwings3.jpg (80200 bytes)  Windwings4.jpg (74531 bytes)  Windwings5.jpg (77351 bytes)  Windwings6.jpg (72675 bytes)



November 10, 2000 - Installed sun visors and completed the installation of the windshield wipers.  The visors were easy, the windshield wipers were not...

WipersAndVisorsOn.jpg (68454 bytes)


November 16, 2000 - Installed new PRO 5.0 shifter.  Had to remove transmission tunnel and enlarge the opening because the aftermarket shifter housing is larger than the stock unit.



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