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July, 2000

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July 4-6, 2000 - Finding things to do until I get the engine and wiring harness to install, I turned my attention to the radiator assembly.  The first step was to attach the electric fan to the donor shroud, then attach the shroud to the new radiator.  The trial fitting showed that the power steering lines were running right where the radiator and fan shroud have to be.   This meant I had to 'customize' the stock metal lines running from the power steering rack.  I finally got everything to fit, but it is very close.  I used the donor power steering pump and a drill to set up a test of the hydraulic systems.   Finally, I mounted the engine control computer inside the passenger footbox.

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July 14-16, 2000 - Its alive, ITS ALIVE!  The wiring harnesses arrived from Rob Weatherbie on Thursday, and the engine was delivered by Tom Stewart on Saturday.  My friend Scott Williamson drove up from Virginia Beach; and with his help, and that of Tom Stewart installing the engine, FFR #2084K went on its maiden voyage on Sunday morning.  For a short video click here, or for a longer (1.5 meg) video, click here

The pictures below show several of the events, including the arrival of the engine, the installation, and the process of connecting all of the zillions of wires and hoses associated with an EFI engine.   With the addition of the heater, power steering, and power brakes, there were several extra hook-ups to deal with.  As you can see from the pictures, I have my work cut out for me in re-routing the under-hood stuff to make the engine compartment look neat.

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July 17, 2000 - So there I was, in the garage minding my own business when I was attacked by two West Virginia Mountain Snakes!  Steve Shaffer stopped by with his newly completed FFR #1825K.  Shortly after, Bob Wells pulled up in his Classic.

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