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Wade's Cobra Build!


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January, 2002 - Its too cold to do much.  I did finally get around to installing the aluminum escutcheon plates over the seat belt harness openings in the back cockpit wall.  These plates came from Custom Cobra Parts by Mike Everson.

February, 2002 - Its time for a dash upgrade!  First, I installed a Lucas toggle switch from Finishline so that the windshield wipers will self-park.  The Lucas switch requires five connections to the wiper motor instead of just three.  Also, the Lucas switch is larger, and requires a larger hole in the dash.
Next, I installed an Engine Start switch out of a Honda S2000.  It is not that great from the standpoint of functionality, but I think it looks cool!


Another February 2002 project was to install a new clutch quadrant and manual adjuster from Forte's Parts.  I am very happy to have this on the car now, and wish that I had put this mechanism in as part of the initial build.  I highly recommend it!


June, 2002 - After 1.5 driving seasons and 8,000 miles, the driver's side door latch broke.  Here's how I fixed it.

July, 2002 - While at the Double Venom Spring Fling II, I saw Doug Huey and his FFR that is still in primer, but very complete mechanically.  One of the many trick details on his car were the Autoweld rear upper control arms that he installed to eliminate the rear 'wheel hop' issue that is common on FFRs prior to the frame changes included on the new Mark II frame.  Based on Doug's recommendation, I bought a pair of Autoweld UCA's and installed them on FFR #2084K.  I am pleased to report that Doug was correct; the Autowelds completely cured the wheel hop problem!


August, 2002 - My wonderful wife gave me a pair of custom door panels for my birthday!  I installed them with industrial Velcro and two plastic button tabs.

September, 2002 - Time to clean up the looks of the front of the engine!  To accomplish this change, I used a custom-made power steering pump bracket that was given to me by Doug Huey after seeing his at the Spring Fling.  The alternator bracket and tensioner came from Mike Everson, and the pulley's are March aluminum under drive pulleys with clear powdercoating.  The only special machine work that was required for this combination was having a 1/4" spacer made for the water pump bolt that acts as the mounting point for the alternator tensioner AND the power steering pump bracket.



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