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April, 2000

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April 5, 2000 - Gary Pigott began building my "high rise" body buck to hold the body between the time the kit arrives and when the car is ready for the body to be installed.  The design of the body buck comes from the FFR Assembly Manual, but the idea to put it up on stilts came from John Baker's web site.  His site is one of the many informative things about the Cobra Forum web site.

April 10-18, 2000 - After some initial disassembly, I took most of the donor parts to a local guy who does sandblasting and welding.  The parts came back very clean and ready for POR-15 rust preventative paint.

Parts.jpg (41162 bytes)          Blasted1.jpg (68927 bytes)           RearAxle Blasted.jpg (69198 bytes)


April 18-24, 2000 - Spent many hours painting donor parts with POR-15 and the POR Topcoat.  Many of the parts came out looking like new!

Painted Parts.jpg (35603 bytes)           Painted Rear.jpg (37146 bytes)


April 25, 2000 - FFR #2084K was delivered to my house by Wallace Westerdale!  Many thanks to the guys from TMC who helped me unload!

wallace.jpg (74323 bytes)    wallace2.jpg (66461 bytes)    Unload Cobra1.jpg (67205 bytes)     Unload Cobra2.jpg (77325 bytes)     Unload Cobra3.jpg (64516 bytes)     Unload Cobra4.jpg (69542 bytes)

April 29-30, 2000 - Removed body and aluminum from frame.  I ordered the frame unpainted from FFR because I plan to use POR-15.  The frame was very dirty, and required a lot of cleaning and prep work before it was ready to be painted.

Alum2.JPG (49925 bytes)     BareFrame.JPG (78881 bytes)    FrameMarkings.JPG (67234 bytes)    FrameMetalPrep.JPG (80479 bytes)

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